Saturday, August 3, 2013

Critical Attention for "Janus"

So, since we've released Janus (Spotify link at the bottom if you somehow haven't heard it) , we've gotten a lot of really tight critical attention. Here are some excerpts and links to some of the press we've gotten recently!

"KILLSTREAK is Minnesota's next big thing." - 5xt for Cypher League

"5xt sits down with KILLSTREAK"

"Named after the Roman god of transitions (beginnings, endings, and the duality thereof), Janus is a record that attempts (and largely succeeds in) grand analyses of serious issues without sacrificing fun or wit." - Paul Thompson for Dead End Hip-Hop

"Indie Spotlight: Six Questions With KILLSTREAK's Tony the Scribe"

"The radical rallying cries of Guante, the heart-on-sleeve openness of Slug, and the tongue-twisted flows of Eyedea are all present in Tony's vocals, but alongside the youthful intensity of Odd Future and some challenging electronic beats." - Jack Spencer for Gimme Noise, City Pages

"Gimme Leaks 4"

"Their debut album Janus, a dark and charging effort, melds a confident strut with dusty, apocalyptic beats. The songs are serious and thoughtful but bristling with life, creating a banging soundtrack for a deteriorating world." - Josh Keller for Reviler

"Stream: KILLSTREAK 'Janus' (Release Show tonight)"

"If the first taste off KILLSTREAK’s debut album is any indication, Janus is going to be a great driving-with-the-windows-down hip-hop record this summer." - Andrea Swensson for The Current

"Local Gig List: July 8-14"

"Janus is an impossibly ambitious record that sets out to lay indie rap sensibilities over a heavy EDM backdrop in an attempt to wrestle with a laundry list of Big Ideas like terrorism, love, and consumerism." - Paul Thompson for Music That Isn't Bad

"Album Review: KILLSTREAK's Janus"

Janus is now available on Spotify as well. Check it out here: 

You can also stream Janus online at our bandcamp

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